How can I frame my basement door?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ December 21, 2012 ~ Comments

I'm currently finishing my basement and not sure how to frame around the existing exterior door since it's already installed into the concrete.

-- Erik A.

Brett Kulina

Erik, you will need to extend the existing door jamb in order to accommodate the newly framed walls in your basement. You should extend the jamb just enough so that its edge is flush with the finished wall. For example, if you are using 2-by-4s to frame the walls (which are 3 1/2 inches wide), then extending the door jamb by 4 inches will conceal both the 2-by-4 framing and the edge of 1/2 inch Sheetrock.

After you extend the door jamb, you can fill the void behind the jamb with some low-expanding foam insulation.You can then finish the job by installing some trim around the door that covers both the insulation and the edge of the door jamb.

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