How can I cover wood stairs with carpet?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 12, 2012 ~ Comments

The wood steps in our condo are very noisy when someone walks on them so I want to cover them with carpeting. The lower steps are open, and the upper steps have risers between the treads. What type of carpeting and pad should I use to cover them? How do I attach the carpeting to the steps? Thank you.

Carol ~ Clearwater, FL

Brendan Fowler

Installing carpeting on stairs is not something I would recommend for a first time carpet job. Full carpet wraps on open stairs is very tricky and usually requires a hemmed edge on the carpet which cannot be done on sight. On stairs with closed risers you do have the option on going with a center runner or wall to wall carpet, but trying to transition that into open stairs may look strange. Before you attempt this job on your own, I would recommend getting a couple of bids for the carpet from local flooring contractors. They may be able to recommend other noise mitigation solutions once they see your stairs and give more specific options for carpeting your stairs. It is very difficult to provide sound advice without seeing the job first hand, and that would be difficult seeing that I am based in California when the stairs are in Florida. Good Luck!

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