Home Addition to Include a Tray Ceiling

Answered by Brendan ~ April 30, 2010 ~ Comments

My husband and I are planning a home addition with a new master bedroom. We really want an elegant look. A neighbor suggested adding a "tray ceiling" to add height and drama. How much would we be adding to the cost of this home addition? Are there other ceiling options we might consider that have a nice impact but are less expensive?

Terry L. ~ San Diego, California

Brendan Fowler

Tray ceilings can add significant cost to the room. Depending on the way the addition is going to be framed the ceiling detail will be added after the roof is framed or in some cases will part of the roof framing. I have found that if the roof over the room with the tray ceiling is going to be framed with trusses, the trusses can be designed to have the tray ceiling detail built in. This, from my experience, is the cheapest way to get the tray ceiling detail in a room. If you can't find a truss manufacturer that can get the trusses to work with a tray ceiling detail, you can get a vaulted ceiling truss for the room also known as a scissor truss. You roughly figure that the additional cost for a basic tray ceiling detail will be an additional $1500-$2500. I hope this helps!

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