Heated Metal Roofing for Ohio Home

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How much extra does it cost, percentage-wise, for materials and installation of a heated metal roof versus an unheated metal roof to replace my asphalt shingle roof in Columbus, Ohio?

Patrick C. ~ Columbus, Ohio

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Patrick, I assume you want to install a heated metal roof to eliminate ice damming during the winters there in Columbus, Ohio, but I'm not sure what you mean by a heated metal roof and I'm not sure if you need one if you're switching from asphalt shingles to metal.

Ice damming is caused primarily by a poorly ventilated attic space. Heat from your home's living space escapes up through your roof sheathing and melts snow on the roof from underneath. The melted snow runs down your roof to the gutters, but can't escape as the gutters are still full and frozen. The melted snow re-freezes and as the process repeats itself you get an ice build up at your eaves.

The built up ice can push up under your shingles and as the ice melts you may end up with water leaks and damaged shingles. When you switch to a metal roof you'll eliminate a lot of the places an ice dam can penetrate your home as there aren't going to be any shingles that can be pushed up. You can still get some ice damming down at the eaves, but if the metal roof contractor flashes properly, you shouldn't have a problem.

I know a lot of companies sell different types of heating systems that can be installed to heat the roof regardless of the type of material from underneath. I have never used any of these systems and don't know how well they work. I'm sure costs can vary quite a bit depending on the type of system it is and how large your roof is. My suggestion would be to make sure your attic has proper ventilation, make the switch to a metal roof, and wait to see if you actually need any heating system.

The contractor installing your metal roof can take a look at your present ventilation and show you methods for achieving more if needed. It might just be a matter of adding a couple of roof vents or gable vents or installing vented soffit panels. Most of these should not involve much additional cost over the metal roof installation.

As far as your metal roof costs, there are many variations of roofing you can choose from. I would anticipate paying about $4 a square foot for materials and installation, but that figure could go up a lot if you choose a higher end product. I would talk to a metal roof distributor around Columbus to see what's available in your area. There are a lot of different metal roofing products such as shingles, scallops, and many panel configurations and each is priced differently. The nice thing about a metal roof is it can last almost forever.

Some metal roof products can be installed over your asphalt roofing, but if it needs to be removed, I would figure about $.70 a foot for removal and disposal, but again check in your area as prices can vary.

From what I have read most of the heating systems can be retrofitted without problem so if turns out that you still want a heating system after going through another Columbus, Ohio winter without one, you should be able to add it.

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