How can I heat an existing room addition?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ November 6, 2012 ~ No Comments

Our house has a cold room(add-on) that has no heat vent, what is a cheap and easy way to get heat in there. The rest of the house is heated with a gas furnace.

Sam S. - Chicago,IL

Brett Kulina

Well Sam, you have a few options available to you when considering the best way to add some heat to the cold room in your house. A simple solution could be to extend some ducting from your home's existing furnace to the cold room. Depending on the size of your home's gas furnace and the layout of the existing duct-work, a HVAC contractor might be able to install some round flexible ducting onto the existing system with which to bring heat to a newly installed wall vent in the cold room.

If a HVAC contractor determines that your existing heat system is not big enough to supply heat to an additional room, or if installing new duct-work in your house is problematic for other reasons, then you may consider installing a small section of electric baseboard heat or a stand-alone wall mounted Cadet heater instead. These options don't require any duct-work or vents, but they do need electrical power. Although there are both 110v. and 220 v. electric heaters available, you will need to hire an electrician to determine which heater is the right one for your home.

Once an electrician has inspected your home's electrical service and panel and has determined what type and size of electric heater can safely be installed in your cold room, then you can research your options and select the brand that is best for you. A baseboard heater will require a few feet of wall space, ideally located under a window in the room, and is a good choice if you want a quiet heater. Baseboard heaters have no fans or other moving parts that make noise, plus they can be connected to a wall mounted thermostat or operate via controls mounted right on the unit. A cadet heater is smaller than most baseboard heaters, but will be noisier because of the small internal fan that helps distribute heat around the room. Both baseboard and Cadet heaters are reasonably priced, costing anywhere from $50-$200, and can usually be installed by an electrician in only a few hours.

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