Gutters for a Grand Junction, Colorado Home

Answered by Brett ~ October 4, 2010 ~ Comments

We just completed building our home, which has a steep-pitched roof. For our climate, which has more snowfall than rain, what type of gutters will best protect our asphalt shingle roofing, and what's the rough price per linear foot?

Kenji O. ~ Grand Junction, Colorado

Brett Kulina

Kenji, because the purpose of gutters is to collect rain water from your roof and move it away from the side of your house, I'm not sure that gutters would offer any protection to your asphalt shingle roofing. Another purpose of a gutter system is to prevent water from accumulating around the base of your house, which can help prevent moisture from entering your home's basement or crawl space.

Vinyl gutters can cost around $5-$7 per lineal foot installed, while aluminum ones might cost you between $5-$9 per foot installed. Of course, the type of downspouts and mounting hardware you choose will effect the overall cost of your specific project.

I live in snow country as well, and after having large cornices of snow repeatedly damage my home's gutters, I removed them all together. While this means that rain water does splash the side of my house(which drives me crazy), I no longer have to replace twisted and bent gutters every Spring! I would consult a contractor in the Grand Junction area who specializes in gutter installation and obtain an estimate for a durable steel gutter system which uses the strongest fasteners available. Good luck with it!

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