Green Remodeling Options for Siding

Answered by Brendan ~ March 3, 2010 ~ Comments

I want to recycle my aluminum siding and choose a greener option. What are my best bets for a Kansas City climate?

Darcy B. ~ Kansas City, Missouri

Brendan Fowler

If you are going to recycle your siding to buy another "green", potentially recycled product, your greenest option would be to keep the siding you have and try to give it a new look. If you are tired of the siding you have and want to get a new look, then you will have to pick from a number of options.

You will have to decide on what "green" factors you will want your new siding to have. Is a recycled product important, is energy efficiency the most important factor, a sustainable product or even a reclaimed product. Virtually every conventional siding product has a "green" version available today. My advice would be to figure out what look you want, and see what "green" options are available for that look. The term "green" is somewhat vague, so decide on what aspects of "green" are important to you, and use those as your criteria.

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