Do Granite Countertops on a Bathroom Vanity Also Need a Backsplash?

Answered by Brett ~ September 2, 2011 ~ No Comments

I am remodeling my bathroom and am installing a vanity with granite countertops. I am trying to decide if I need to add a granite backsplash too. Do bathroom vanity granite countertops need a backsplash?

Chloe L. ~ Del Mar, CA

Brett Kulina

Chloe, if you do not install some sort of backsplash with your granite vanity-top, then you will have to look at a seam of caulk every time you brush your teeth. The seam where the granite slab butts into the wall needs to be protected from water, and a backsplash is a common solution. Although granite might be your obvious choice, your backsplash could be made using wall tile or wood trim. I prefer it when a backsplash and a counter top are fabricated from the same material, and I usually leave the details of sealing that crucial seam to the counter top installers.

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