Do I go to a glass company for specialized glass projects, not window replacement?

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Do I go to a glass company for specialized glass projects, not window replacement? One project is to get a half round piece of glass to replace one side of a double paned widow, that is itself part of a more complex mullioned unit. Another project is to clean or replace the glass in a Velux roof window that has moisture, etc between the two panes of glass. Another project is to make a custom glass shower door and panels for an area that has a slanted roof.

Ed F. ~ Brighton, Massachusetts

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Ed, I'll address each item separately. For the shower door and panels I would contact a shower enclosure company. They should come out,take measurements, and discuss configuration and trim with you, and then come back and do the installation. Larger glass companies may have a department that handles shower enclosures, but I have always felt more comfortable using companies that specialized in that type of work.

The half round window is something a glass company could do, but if you know who the window manufacturer is, I would contact them first. Most window companies have a customer service department, or they contract the work out to a local company. They would come out and measure the window, order a piece of glass from the manufacturer, and then come back and install it. That way you are reasonably sure of getting a piece of glass which is going to match the rest of the window, and they will replace both pieces of the double pane, as there is probably an insulating gas between the panes.

I would also try that method with the sky window. The manufacturer will probably have the same type of glass, and in the same size available to be used. However, a large glass company should be able to handle these projects, if you can't get any help from the window manufacturers or shower enclosure people.

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