Questions About General Remodeling

Installing a wood burning stove

I installed a free standing wood burning stove in my house. The stove is positioned in a corner of the room and is the proper distance from the adjacent walls. The wall surface is non-combustible, but do I need to also install insulation inside the walls?

How much might it cost to redo the plumbing in my house?

The plumbing in my 43 year old house has issues(rusty galvanized pipes), and I have decided that it is time to redo all the plumbing. Do you have any idea how much it might cost to replumb a 1300 sq.ft. house that has 1 and 1/2 baths? Thanks for any help.

How to refinish a wood door

The exterior wood door on my house has been exposed to sun light for so long that the door is now in bad shape. The wood actually feels rough and has sort of blackened and faded. Can you give me advice on what needs to be done to refinish my door?

Can I install floor tiles directly on top of partical board?

Is it okay to install floor tiles directly on top of a particle board sub-floor? Perhaps there is some tile adhesive that won't damage the wood ? Thanks

Can I safely remove a load bearing wall?

The existing living room in my small cottage house is an old porch add-on. I would like to remove the wall that separates the ad-on living room from the rest of the house and replace the load bearing wall with a large header, which will open up the entire floor plan. Unfortunately because of the low ceiling height, I don't think I have enough head room for the header. Is there a way to bury the header in the ceiling cavity?

What type of contractor do I need to replace a balcony support post that is damaged?

One of the support posts under my home's walkout balcony is damaged and needs to be replaced. What type of contractor should I call to do the work for me?

Does a new deck need to be built on concrete footings?

I want to add a deck onto my house. Is it okay to use pressure treated wood that sits on compacted dirt and stones, or do I need to install concrete footings or piers?

What is the best way to waterproof a flat roof?

We just put a new flat roof on a portion of our house that has very little slope (about a 2" over entire length). The new roof was covered with Ice and Water Shield and asphalt shingles, but now I am unsure about the long term water tightness of this. Was this the best way to waterproof the roof?

How can I cover wood stairs with carpet?

The wood steps in our condo are very noisy when someone walks on them so I want to cover them with carpeting. The lower steps are open, and the upper steps have risers between the treads. What type of carpeting and pad should I use to cover them? How do I attach the carpeting to the steps? Thank you.

How much does it cost to replace an asphalt shingled roof?

My 1200 sq.ft. home needs a new roof. How much might it cost to hire a contractor to tear off the old shingles and install new asphalt shingles? Thank you.

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