Questions About General Remodeling

How can I convert a load bearing wall into a half wall?

I want to remove a load bearing wall in my house and make it a half wall. It has only a roof above it and a basement below it. We would like to have a column at the end of the wall by the hall opening, what else should we do?

Kory - Gaithersburg, MD

How do HGTV contractors get so much for so little?

I like watching Property Brothers and Love it or List it, but how do these contractors stretch their budget so far? I will be moving to Colorado before December but all of the houses in my budget need work. How can I get the most for my money as far as material goes??


Is it possible to raise a room's floor?

I purchased a home with a Florida room addition. The floor is a concrete slab at ground level. From the house I have to walk down three steps to enter. Can I convert it to living space, add a raised floor to the same elevation as the rest of the house, add heat and raise doors and windows?


What's the best method for lowering ceilings?

Second floor master den was converted to a master bath. New plumbing and or wiring extends the length of two downstairs bedrooms, bath, and laundry room. The downstairs bedrooms and bath already have heat ducts extending into the rooms so would like to lower the ceiling to cover the heat ducts as well as the new plumbing and wiring. What's the best way?

Are high end kitchen appliances worth the extra money?

I am remodeling my kitchen and need to decide which new appliances to buy. I am amazed at the range of costs for kitchen appliances, and do not know how much I should spend. Do you think that expensive appliances are worth the extra cost if I will be selling the house in 5-7 years?

How long does it take to install a new exterior door?

I would like to have a new exterior door installed in my bedroom. Because my house is sided with brick, do you think it would be best to install the new door in one of the existing window openings? How many hours would it take a contractor to do this sort of job? Thanks!

What home renovations will most increase the overall value of my house?

I want to spend some money to update my pre-war co-op apartment, but am unsure which remodeling projects make the most sense for my budget. Should I go for looks (new floors, fresh paint) or worry more about functional items like updated appliances, new fixtures, modern furnace? Thank you.

How do I waterproof a tile shower?

I want to remove my fiberglass shower insert and replace it with a tile shower. How should I waterproof the underlying cement slab before I install the floor tiles? Thanks

How can I seal the gaps around my front door?

My home's front door has a gap at the top and along its sides, where I can see daylight and feel cold air. What can I use to seal the gaps that will be flexible enough to move with the wood door as it shrinks and swells with the changing seasons? Thanks in advance.

Can I expand the size of my home's basement?

Is it possible to remove one of my basement walls so that I can expand the size of the basement. Currently, the 4 basement walls are solid concrete and sit directly under the perimeter of the house, which means that the expanded basement would extend beyond the footprint of the house? What do you think of this idea?

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