Questions About General Remodeling

How can I figure out if my drywall will sag?

If I hang 5/8 drywall on 24"center, will it sag? How can I tell?


Can I change which room a fireplace opens into?

Our fireplace sits between a den and a living room, with the open side in the den. We want the fireplace closed on the den side and open in the living room. Is this possible?


How to determine if a wall is load bearing

Are closets ever load-bearing?

I have an exterior closet in a house that was built in 1940 and want to tear it out. I am just concerned that it would be a load bearing structure.


How can I increase the equity in my home?

Hi! I want to put a 2 bedroom addition over my garage. The problem I have is trying to find a bank or credit union or contractor to help. I have very little equity in the house. Any ideas? The remodel would increase the sq footage by 800 and make the house a 4 bedroom, three bath home.

- Frank

How is the quality of PVC tray ceilings?

Is the quality better in a tray ceiling made with drywall and framing or can the PVC type such as is sold online be just as good and maybe cheaper?

- Ron

Does a finished attic need insulation baffles?

My wife and I recently bought a home with an unfinished attic that we want to turn into an office. Right now there is insulation under the floor, but not in the rafters. I would like to put insulation in the rafters. The attic currently has gable vents on each side at the peak, but the house does not have any soffit vents. Should I still run rafter baffle vents between all the rafters? Should I run a radiant barrier between each rafter? I want to do it right, but I don't want to waste money installing something I don't need. Thanks!

- Charley

What is the average cost to rough finish a room?

Without bothering any contractors yet, I want to know what the average cost is to rough finish a 27 x16 room with windows and doors installed and all the electrical work done. We plan on doing the rest of the things ourselves.

Tracy N.

Can I hang sheet rock directly over backer board?

I have one small room in a 1959 ranch house that was paneled instead of plastered. When I
removed the paneling there was backer board on the walls. My question is, can I hang 1/4"
sheet rock directly over this?

What size anchor bolts do I need to attach the sill plate to the foundation?

We're building a house and I'm buying things as I go. I now need to purchase the sill anchor bolts. The code calls for 1/2" anchor bolts but it doesn't specify the length. The foundation will be a crawl space and four runs high. Also for the footings it calls for number 4 rebar. Is number 4 considered 1/2-inch?

JJ Guitar - Virginia

How can I tell if a wall is load bearing?

We have a small, two bedroom home with a hip roof built in 1940. The wall that runs through the middle of the house under the main center-point of the roof has three doorways in it: Kitchen/Dining-room, Living-room/hall and the Master closet door. Side by side with the Master closet is the other bedroom closet. I want to expand the opening of both closets to have more access to the area inside the closet. My concern is that there may be a load-bearing issue. My husband assures me that all of the inside walls are load bearing and if I alter them, the house will fall down. Help please.

Mary - St Louis, MO

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