Questions About General Remodeling

What's the best way to move a washer and dryer?

If I wanted to relocate my washer and dryer to a newly constructed out building to save a little room in my house, how would I handle the drainage? Also, if I created a rain garden next to the out building, can I drain it into the rain garden?

How do I get rid of black mold?

My home doesn't have a foundation - it has a concrete floor. The outside of my home has siding. I am starting to get a lot of black mold inside my home on almost all my walls from the bottom of the wall up to about two feet high. What materials do I need to eliminate this problem?


How do I fix my leaking French doors?

I have French doors and they are leaking water into my house during bad weather. They are brand new. I had French doors that opened outward before and they never leaked. The current contractor says I need to take the doors out and replace them with a single door. I do not want to do this. Can French doors be put back in that won't leak if they open outwards again?


Remodeling a room with termite damage

I own a home that was built in 1890. At some point, someone added on a small back room. They built it right on the ground. I had to tear out the entire floor, so now have the walls, the roof, and rafters. In places, the sill plate is totally gone along with portions of the wall studs. I think it's termites. They ate about a foot of the wall studs. I want to put in a foundation and save as much of the existing walls as I can. What should I do?

Where do I start with renovations?

Our two-story Cape was built in 1944 with no heat upstairs and lousy insulation everywhere. The electrical service also needs to be updated, the bathrooms need serious renovations, and we have propane for heat and cooking. Finally, the house sits over a crawl space and the floors are cold. What fixes that? My question is - where do I start?


My home has no insulation at all. What can I do?

I live in IL, and my house has two layers of brick covered with a layer of 1" clay tile and plaster. There is no insulation whatsoever. There is no gap between the layers to blow in insulation or foam. My home is only 895 sq. ft. but I pay more than a 2,500 sq. ft. home in utilities. I've put new windows and doors in and two layers of R-30 insulation in the attic. Please, please, please help with any and all suggestions.


When is the right time to hang drywall?

Should you hang drywall in a new home before you pour the basement floor?


Can a rotted house be fixed?

Can a two-story house that's rotted inside and out be fixed up? It would need new walls, new floors, new everything. Is it possible to replace everything to the point where it can be lived in again?


Where should I use woven wire mesh?

Should I use woven wire mesh on the inside or outside of a split rail fence?

Can I level my foundation without lowering my house?

The house I am looking to buy is half raised foundation and then has slab in the back addictions. I want to level the house and even the floors. The raised portion of the home also has the same level ceilings as the slab, so there are lower ceilings there.


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