Framing Walls Leave No Room for Error

Answered by Brendan ~ December 2, 2009 ~ Comments

I'm in the early stages of finishing off my basement. The framing walls are a bit intimidating, as they form the starting point for the rest of the room. Can you tell me the major sticking points of framing walls, including the areas that most mistakes are made?

Gary T. ~ Santa Rosa, California

Brendan Fowler

Framing a BasementStart by making sure that you are happy with your plans. Then do all of your layout of the walls on the floor before you start framing.

Pay close attention to all of the openings in walls and make sure to plan your framing accordingly. Plumb, square, and straight walls are what you want to end up with.

There are many ways to frame a wall, so choose a method that you are most comfortable with, and use it. Mistakes mostly occur when rough openings for doors and windows are not properly sized.

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