Questions About Flooring

Is it possible my I-joist is damaged?

My home had I-joists supporting the plywood floor. I had the plywood replaced, and when the contractors were pulling it up, I noticed they were ripping off a top layer of the joists. I asked them to stop and called the foreman over to evaluate. He says it did not damage the integrity of the I-beam, but I don't know if I can trust his word on that. What do you think?


How can I fix a leaning staircase?

My staircase is leaning at a dangerous angle. It is an old home with a crawl space instead of a basement. What can cause this and what is approximate cost of the fix? Can this be DIY? Help!


How do we level our floor?

We are going to have laminate flooring installed upstairs. Our wood hallway up there has a downward slope at the end where the house has settled. It's about a 3/8" drop. How do we resolve this issue?


How can I raise my floors?

I have a large room that I want to remodel into an apartment for my brother, but first the floor must be raised more than a foot so that it is level with the doorway. The existing floor is a concrete slab, which I would prefer to leave intact. We have major construction experience but don't know the best way to do this ourselves. What do you recommend?


How can we stop our subfloors from rotting?

My house is 3/4 crawl space foundation 1/4 slab from a garage conversion. The center of the crawl space portion is sinking and we have been having problems with the wooden subfloor rotting in the rooms along it. How do we stop this from happening? We also found a shower problem that we fixed.


Why is my grout rubbing off?

I installed new floor tile on our kitchen floor on Sunday; today is Wednesday and there are fine pieces of sand coming off. Not sure if I did not have enough water in the mix - I thought I did. Is my only option to scrape out the existing grout then try again?

- Dan

How can I level a hump in my floor?

In my 100+ year old house we have an uneven bump in our floor from one basement jack that is too high. We plan to install laminate flooring upstairs but want to level the floor first. How can we lower the jack safely?


Will rotted joints make my home fall?

My kitchen floor wasn't level so someone reinforced it for me. They said water is seeping into the side of the home when it rains and the joints are rotted. Will my home fall? And will the reinforcement I had put in help?


How do I choose a floor material and color?

I am getting ready to redo my floors. I have cherry chair rails mid-way to the floor and thought of wood flooring. Is that going to be too much wood? How can I make a decision I won't regret?


Why is my grout turning white?

The grout in my bathroom is not cracking, but turning white. It looks like chalk and is flaking up. What would cause this? Anyone know what this is?

- Kim

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