Flooring and room temperature in bedroom

Answered by Brett ~ February 1, 2011 ~ Comments

Our ground-level bedroom floors tend to be cold. I know plush carpeting feels warmer to bare feet. Would it actually insulate the floors and keep the rooms warmer than wood laminate floors with a few carpet runners?

Tera P. ~ Orem, Utah

Brett Kulina

Tera, although new carpeting and a thick carpet pad installed in your bedroom will feel warmer underfoot than laminate floors, don't count on a noticeable difference in the actual temperature of your room. The most significant factors that affect the overall temperature of your room are the amounts of wall and ceiling insulation, the quality and quantity of the room's windows, and of course your home's heating system. That being said, cold floors can really make a room feel less comfortable.

If your home was built on a slab foundation, then the underlying cement floors may make your room feel cold during certain times of the year. Naturally this means that a plush carpet and thick pad will provide better insulation to the room than the thin foam padding that is traditionally installed under wood laminate floors (which probably have no real insulating qualities at all). If your underfoot comfort is the most important factor to you when selecting a new floor covering, then you probably will be happiest with the carpet and pad.

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