Fixing a Leaky Roof: Badly Installed Flashing?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ December 4, 2009 ~ Comments

We had a roofing contractor out to look at a water spot on the ceiling of our living room and give us an estimate. He said it might be caused by badly installed flashing. The roof was repaired in the summer of 2002. We noticed the discoloration only last winter. The estimate was outrageous. What should we do next?

Natalia H. ~ Houston, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Fixing a Leaky RoofIt wouldn't hurt to ask the contractor who repaired your roof in 2002 to take a look at your leak. If the leak issue is being caused by shingles failing, the problem may be covered by the warranty on the shingles.

However, if the problem was caused by flashing failing or being improperly installed, chances are the repair is not going to be covered by warranty. Normally if flashing or shingles are installed improperly, leaking will make itself evident fairly soon, rather than taking six years to show itself. Sometimes high winds or unusually high snowfall can cause leaks that weren't there before.

You should definitely get several roofing contractors to give you estimates for the repair. Make sure the contractor you use agrees to return if the leak isn't repaired after he works on the roof. It can sometimes be very difficult to determine the origin of a water leak, and may require several trips before they correct it.

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