How Do I Fix an Ice Maker Line?

Answered by Brett ~ September 29, 2011 ~ Comments

Two months ago we installed a new ice maker line because the old one had a leak. After two months, we still cannot use the ice maker because it has a terrible taste to it. The line we installed was the new braided type. Could we have made an error in installation, or could there be an issue with the line we purchased?

Vickie L. ~ Borden, IN

Brett Kulina

Vickie, I am wondering if installing an in-line filter on your refrigerator's supply line might help improve the taste of the water that is used by your ice maker. I am not sure why the new stainless steel supply line would cause the bad taste in the first place, especially because those flexible steel lines are commonly used to replace the old 1/4 inch copper or plastic lines (which are prone to cracking and leaking).

Another possible benefit of using an inline filter on your refrigerator's water supply line is that a filter can reduce the eventual mineral build up on the ice maker components, which often happens in homes with hard water. These types of filters are not that expensive, costing approximately $25-$45, but keep in mind they usually need to be replaced every 6 months or so.

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