Finding the source of drain pipe's flow

Answered by Brendan ~ January 17, 2012 ~ No Comments

There is a copper drain pipe on my house which lately has water running through it. It sits next to the PVC drain pipe that connects to the house's A/C units, but I don't know what it is connected to? This past summer there was only a sporadic drip from this unidentified line, but now it is constantly flowing water. Any ideas?

Tom D ~ Little Rock, AR

Brendan Fowler

Generally, drain lines and condensate lines are grouped together on the outside of a house. The fact that the copper line dripped intermittently and now flows continuously is very noteworthy. This line could very well be the termination of your hot water heater drip pan or your washing machine drip pan. I would check your water heater first. I have been on jobs where the water heater has been leaking for years and still heats water like nothing's wrong. Check your washing machine and supply hoses. Check and see if your furnace is sitting in a pan with a drain. If you have a stand-alone ice maker sometimes they will get choked up with ice and begin to drain large amounts of water through the condensate line. Check all the systems in your home that use water or may create condensation. The fact that it is draining outside is good, but very well may be an indicator of something bad inside. I will hope that it is a simple fix!

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