Finding Pretty, Functional French Doors

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 8, 2010 ~ Comments

Our patio doors are very prominent in our great room and I love the look of French doors. Because we live in Tallahassee, my kids are in and out all year long so I don't think French doors would be functional. How can I find functional doors that still look pretty?

Ambyr ~ Tallahassee, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Patio French DoorsThere is no reason you shouldn''t be able to find French doors to suit your needs. Some of the mid- and upper-range French doors available are very functional, and should hold up well, even with constant use.


If you are concerned with the continual jarring of the doors as they are opened and closed a lot, especially by children, then you might consider getting French doors with one door stationary. This can give you the look of French doors, but the solid feel of a single door when it is opened and closed. The downside is that you will not be able to utilize the stationary door; however, they are available up to 6 feet wide, which would give you a convenient 3-foot operable door.


If you are still uncomfortable with French doors, there are some very nice sliding glass doors available now. They can be just as attractive as French doors, but you will still have the issue of only one door opening. In my experience, though, French doors may offer less of a problem in regard to extreme use, especially by children. Even high-end sliding glass doors need more frequent adjustments if they aren''t operated gently.

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