How Can I Find Out the Age and Square Footage of My Home?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ October 12, 2011 ~ Comments

How can I find out what year my home was built in? How can I measure the square feet in my home?

Shelonda H. ~ Baton Rouge, LA

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Shelonda. I would think that unless the house is extremely old, there should be some sort of records down at the county or city office building in the jurisdiction where it's located. If the house has been in your family since it was first built, the title would have still needed to be transferred from one family member to another over the years, but the process could be differ from state to state.

You might also check with the tax office of the county or city as they normally use a home's square footage to determine how much property tax should be accessed and while their figure might not be 100 percent accurate, it should be fairly close.

If you have already tried these suggestions without success, try walking around the foundation to see if by chance a worker way back when the home was being built happened to inscribe a date somewhere. It wasn't uncommon for that to happen in past times -- I have 1929 etched into my foundation. If your home is in a neighborhood of other older houses, you might look to see if there are any other houses that match your house's architectural style. The town I live in has a lot of older homes and I can pick out houses that were built about the same time by the same builder by looking at their exterior characteristics. If you find similar homes, ask the owners if they know when their house was built -- most owners are more than happy to talk about the history of their homes.

You might have to use the old tried and true method of pulling a measuring tape around the exterior of your house to determine the square footage. If your house is an old four-square, it should be easy, but if there are a lot of offsets, it could be a little more challenging. Most of the time only living space is figured so if the attic is just an attic, I wouldn't worry about calculating that space. Good luck!

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