Filing Complaint Against AWOL Electrician

Answered by Brett ~ May 23, 2011 ~ Comments

Should start looking for another electrician and file a complaint with the contractors license board for an electrician who hasn't completed work and is unreachable?

Debbie ~ Redondo Beach, CA

Brett Kulina

Debbie, when a hired contractor fails to perform services that he has previously agreed to complete, then you should file a grievance with the Better Business Bureau and the State Licensing Board. If you have already paid for services that were not performed to your satisfaction, then you may also consider filing a case in Small Claims Court or consulting an attorney. Although the headaches involved with tracking down AWOL contractors are often considerable, a problem contractor will usually repeat his unprofessional actions if not challenged by a dissatisfied home owner. These types of problems are prime evidence of the need for detailed work agreements between homeowners and contractors, not to mention the importance of thoroughly checking a contractor's references before hiring them to work on your house.

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