Who Is at Fault For Punctured HVAC Line?

Answered by Brett ~ August 22, 2011 ~ No Comments

I hired a roofer to fix a leak in my roof. While he was working, he punctured the refrigerant line for my AC system. The repair is costing me $700, so I need to find who is at fault so they will reimburse me

Jodi P. ~ Plainview, NY

Brett Kulina

Hello Jodi, unfortunately many homeowners like yourself often find themselves stuck with the costs of home repairs when hired contractors refuse to take responsibility for their negligence. Although it seems to me that the roofer is to blame, because after all he is the one who punctured the refrigerant line for your home's AC compressor, without seeing the specific damage on your roof, my opinion probably doesn't count for much.

Although you always have the option of taking your case to a small claims court, your best bet may be to come to a reasonable agreement with the roofing contractor. Perhaps a 50/50 split? You may also want to review your home owner's policy to see if the cost of the needed repairs might be covered by your insurance company. Best of luck.

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