Fastening Drywall to Studs

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 4, 2010 ~ No Comments

Is there a most effective method for fastening drywall to studs? I've seen a couple of different methods for attaching drywall. Method 1 involved separating nails/screws vertically about every vertical foot or so along the stud. Method 2 grouped 2 nails/screws (about 3 inches apart) vertically about every 1.5 - 2 feet. The grouping method seems most desirable from a plastering perspective (less places to apply & sand) but is one method better than the other?

Patrick ~ Bellevue, Washington

Jeffrey Anderson

I prefer using the glue-and-screw method to attach drywall. I have worked around drywall for many years, and in my opinion that is the only method that substantially reduces nail pops and problems with drywall seams. Drywall screw guns are fairly inexpensive, and can make hanging drywall much easier.

The two nailing methods you mention are often used because nailing is less expensive than screwing and gluing, but as the temperatures in your home change, and the framing lumber moves, some of the nails will eventually come loose. The grouped-2 nail theory is that if one nail loosens, the other will hold. In my experience, nail pops still occur with this method.

Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for nail or screw spacing. Most drywall used in this country comes from several large gypsum companies, and they provide installation methods on their websites. If you follow their instructions, and there is a problem of some sort in the future, you may be able to get them involved.

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