Do I Need Extra Floor Support for a Room Addition Housing a Pool Table and Piano?

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The winters in St. Cloud, MN prompted us to plan a winter hangout room addition across the back of the house for our pre-teen kids. It will have a wood foundation. There will be a pool table, an old upright grand piano, and workout equipment in the addition. How can I achieve a really solid foundation for this room addition?

Christopher C. ~ St. Cloud, Minnesota

Brendan Fowler

Pool Table in a New Room AdditionAll of the foundation and framing specifications should be provided by the person drawing the plans for the addition.

If there is any concern on your part about the structural integrity of your addition, then you should hire a structural engineer to look over the plans if one has not already been involved.

You mentioned that this addition will have a wood foundation. This raises a big red flag to me. If you do not want to hire an engineer I would suggest bringing what plans you have to your local building department and ask them what would need to be done for your addition to conform to local building codes.

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