Expanding the Master Bath

Answered by Brett ~ September 6, 2010 ~ No Comments

I would like to expand my master bathroom from just a shower to accommodate a garden tub. The hall bath shares the same wall and would make a nice half bath. What does something like this cost? Would it be cheaper to make it one large bath?

Bailey ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Brett Kulina

Bailey, while it may cost less to construct one large bathroom, you are probably better off with two. If you can expand the size of your master bathroom to accommodate the garden tub by reducing the size of your hallway bathroom, then that is the smarter way to go. Homes with more bathrooms are usually considered more valuable and oftentimes are much more convenient for those who live in them.

It sounds as though you may have to relocate the common wall between the two bathrooms, so I caution you to consult an experienced contractor before you get out the sledgehammer. If the wall in question is load bearing or has plumbing pipes or electrical wires in it, then special care will have to be taken so as to avoid creating structural problems and other potentially dangerous situations. If you can design the new bathrooms in such a way that the two rooms share water supply lines and a stack vent, then you can probably save yourself some money and help simplify the remodel.

While there are many DIY-friendly tasks involved with remodeling a bathroom, such as tiling and painting, there are also some aspects of the project that may be best left to a licensed plumber or electrician. Once you consult a contractor and gather some important information about your specific project, you will have a better idea of how to proceed and what the total costs for your new bathroom may be. Good luck with the project!

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