EPA Lead Law Regarding Retrofit Windows

Answered by Brendan ~ June 14, 2010 ~ Comments

I want to replace my windows in my pre-1978 home with retrofit vinyl windows. Does the new EPA lead rules apply to retrofit projects or just new construction window replacement?

Steve ~ San Jose, California

Brendan Fowler

If you are doing the work yourself, on your own home, no EPA laws apply. All contractors that plan to work on homes built prior to 1978, are required to test for lead. If you find lead and the work is going to disturb more than 6 square feet of interior surface or 20 square feet of exterior surface, you need to follow the EPA rules. No exceptions. All windows installations are subject to the new lead regulations. There is tons of information on the EPA's web site regarding lead safety at www.epa.gov. Good Luck!

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