Enclosing a Patio

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ March 8, 2010 ~ Comments

I already have a concrete patio that is attached to my home, no concrete work needed, but also no roof. I am wondering approximate cost of covering and screening in this area. Shed type roof (slant) not hip and gable, if I hire someone to do this. I prefer wood, not aluminum as I live in Alabama and we get alot of storms/wind. It is 14 feet x 23 feet, and will be attached to my home. Thank you!

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi, I am going to estimate somewhere between $3500 and $5500. I realize that is a broad range, but there are many variables which can enter into the cost of a project. You have a lot of choices for the type of roof covering you select, such as shingles or a metal roof. You may want to add some skylights. There are also variables in the screened area. Do you plan on using all treated lumber, or are you planning on painting or staining? You also have the option of wrapping all of the lumber used in the screened in area with coated aluminum. One of the largest variables can be labor and material costs in various areas of the country. Birmingham, Alabama may have higher or lower costs than the national average for construction materials and labor.

A good example of how costs can range was last week, when someone asked Brendan, the other contractor on this blog, the costs for remodeling a basement. He answered that the range would be $100-$150 a square foot, which I thought was a very good range, perhaps just a little on the low side for the area where I live, but definitely a good range for budgeting. A contractor wrote in that they could finish basements for $27 a square foot where they lived, which shows how much costs can vary across the country.

I recommend that you have a few local Birmingham, Alabama contractors come out and give you some estimates, I think their prices can give you a much more accurate figure to budget with.

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