Eliminating Basement Mold in Georgia

Answered by Brett ~ October 2, 2010 ~ Comments

We emptied the 800 square foot basement of our Savannah, Georgia, home to prepare for some basement remodeling. We notice quite a bit of mold on the walls and floor corners. Is this a problem we can correct ourselves, or should we pay to have professionals clean it?

Yolonda L. ~ Savannah, Georgia

Brett Kulina

Yolonda, while most types of mold found in basements are not a serious concern, there are certain types of mold which can be very problematic. That is why I always recommend that homeowners consult a mold mitigation specialist before attempting to remedy an existing mold problem. Once the type of mold in your home has been identified by a professional contractor, then you can discuss an action plan for safely removing the mold. Oftentimes, a mixture of bleach and water, a sponge, and some elbow grease are all that are needed to solve the problem.

After the mold is removed from the basement, you will need to determine where the moisture, which is causing the mold to grow, is coming from. It is very important to do this prior to starting your basement remodeling project. You definitely want to avoid a situation where the mold grows back unseen behind the newly installed walls of the finished basement.

If the moisture is coming through the walls of your basement, then you may have to seal the concrete with a waterproof barrier or possibly install a drain system around the outside of the foundation walls to move ground water away from your basement. You may want to talk with a contractor who works in the Savannah area and has experience with waterproofing basements. Remember, if you don't solve the moisture issue, the mold on your basement walls will probably grow back. Good luck with the project and let us know how it turns out.

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