Questions About Electrical

Where do I start with renovations?

Our two-story Cape was built in 1944 with no heat upstairs and lousy insulation everywhere. The electrical service also needs to be updated, the bathrooms need serious renovations, and we have propane for heat and cooking. Finally, the house sits over a crawl space and the floors are cold. What fixes that? My question is - where do I start?


How do I get rid of my unsightly oven cord?

I recently remodeled my kitchen and noticed when we took the cabinets down that the previous owners installed the oven's electrical cord wrong. It goes from behind the oven, up the wall, and through the wall - not the ceiling - and now it's just hanging over my cabinets. I don't have soffits, and I have no idea how to go about getting rid of this cord. What do you suggest?


Do canned lights really flush up against the plaster?

Our contractor installed canned lighting. When we changed the bulb, a lot of plaster broke away from the ceiling. We called the contractor and he said it was normal and that the light flushes up against the plaster. Is this true?


How can I estimate plumbing and electrical costs?

I'm considering purchasing an old Queenslander house and having it relocated on some land. I'm just wondering roughly what plumbing and electrical would cost.


How can I bring power to my gardening shed?

I bought a small gardening shed (8 by 12 feet) that is going to sit on cement blocks about 25 feet from the back of my house. I want to have lights and an outlet in the shed. Can I bring electircity from the house to the shed or does the power have to come from the pole on the other side of the house?

Do I need to replace old knob and tube wiring?

We are looking at an old house to buy (1930's?) that has some knob and tube style wiring. Is this type of wiring safe, is it allowed by code? We are most likely going to rent the house to tenants. Should we worry about the old wiring?

Kerry - Portland, ME

Can a ceiling fan be installed in a bathroom?

Our bathroom is a large, open plan (no door to close) bathroom. Moisture has never been an issue even though there is no vent fan. We live in south Florida (hot climate) and I'd like a ceiling fan (maybe an outdoor fan?) in the bathroom! Is this okay?

Sherrie - Jupiter, FL

How do I install a special outside outlet?

I have a couple of junction boxes outside my condo. Both are very small, about 4 inches by 2 inches. No one has a ready to fit external outlet for this. Is there something I can fit into the junction box? Do I need to rip out the conduit and start over?

Dru D. - St. Louis, MO

Which backup generator is good for a small house?

I want to get a generator for my home to use during power outages. What is a good one for a small (1500 sq.ft.) house? Do I need an electrician for this type of install?

Bert E. - Miami, FL

How much does 25 feet of electrical wiring cost to replace?

How much to replace the electrical service wiring from disconnect to service entrance? The distance is about 25 feet and the disconnect is 200 amp.

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