How much does 25 feet of electrical wiring cost to replace?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ September 21, 2012 ~ Comments

How much to replace the electrical service wiring from disconnect to service entrance? The distance is about 25 feet and the disconnect is 200 amp.

Brett Kulina

Although it is difficult for me to provide you an accurate cost for your specific electrical project, I can provide you with one piece of advice to help you complete the job safely: Hire a licensed electrician to install your home's new wiring! Due to the potential dangers involved with electrical work, taking a chance on your DIY electrical skills is a risk not worth taking.

Most utility companies only install and maintain your home's electrical service from their transformer, which is usually located on a utility pole at the road, to your home's electrical meter base, which is often mounted to the exterior of your house. This means that everything after the meter base is the responsibility of the homeowner, but keep in mind that does not mean you should try to complete the work yourself. In fact, you'll probably sleep better knowing that this is one home improvement job that you left to a professional.

The wiring that runs from the meter base to your home's breaker panel needs to be sized correctly and installed in a code compliant manner or you run the risk of an accidental fire. A licensed electrician can calculate your home's electrical load and determine the correct gauge wire that is needed. An electrican can also inspect your home's electrical panel and make any needed upgrades or repairs. Your best bet is to have a licensed electrician first inspect your home and then provide you a detailed cost estimate for the needed electrical work. Good luck!

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