Electrical Problems in Columbus Basement

Answered by Brendan ~ June 22, 2010 ~ No Comments

I want to convert the basement into an office this year and get a tax credit on windows. All the switches in the basement work fine, but there's an outlet that's works intermittently. I ran a continuity tester on it and it looks fine. Nothing else in the basement flickers or drops power except for the outlet. Should I look at closing it off and installing additional electrical for the office machines?

Beth D. ~ Columbus, Ohio

Brendan Fowler

If it is just the one outlet that is giving you problems, I would check the outlet for loose wires. Turn the power off to the circuit and pull the outlet out of the wall and look it over. If there is an obvious loose connection, tighten it up, if there is no obvious problem try replacing the outlet. Use the screw terminals on the side because I have seen the slip connectors on the back of an outlet come loose and create the intermittent electrical problem you are describing. I would not suggest covering up faulty outlet. The fact that it is intermittently working could mean that there is some arcing going on which can lead to an electrical fire. Identify the problem before you blank anything off. Good Luck!

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