Drywall is Coming Down From the Ceiling in Covered Deck

Answered by Brendan ~ March 11, 2011 ~ Comments

I have a private covered deck and the drywall is coming down from the ceiling. How would I repair the ceiling on the private deck? If I remove the old drywall what do I replace it with?

Dave ~ Midland, Virginia

Brendan Fowler

First you need to know why the drywall is coming off the ceiling. Generally when drywall comes off the ceiling, it comes off because it is getting wet. If it is getting wet, then there is a leak and anything you put on that ceiling is going to fail. If you can identify a leak, then the leak needs to be repaired immediately. Since the drywall is already falling off the ceiling, I would remove all the drywall and see if you can identify a cause for it coming off. If there is no leak and no water getting in from above, and if it appears to be coming off for no obvious reason, I would not attempt to use drywall on that ceiling again. I would look into some other kind of ceiling surface. Wood, cement board and metal would all be great candidates for this application. If there is a leak, and you can fix the leak, I do not see why you would not be able to use drywall on the ceiling again. Drywall will probably be the most affordable ceiling surface, but do not use it if there is any chance of it getting wet. Good Luck!

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