Drop-in Undermount Sinks

Answered by Brett ~ July 20, 2010 ~ Comments

I like the simplicity of a drop-in sink since it would be easier to install than the other models. We're remodeling the kitchen and my spouse wants an under-mount. She hates the idea of food getting trapped in the edge of the drop-sink we have in the kitchen now. Can you find under-mount sinks that are comparable in durability as a drop-in?

Paulie F. ~ Chicago, Illinois

Brett Kulina

Paulie, finding an under-mount sink which is durable will not be a problem, although installing it may be a different story. If you are replacing a traditional drop-in sink, then most likely your kitchen counter-tops were manufactured with a unfinished sink opening which was covered by the finished rim of your previous drop-in sink. On the other hand, under-mount sinks require a finished opening in the counter-top, because the sink is installed beneath the counter-top, which leaves the edges of the sink opening exposed.

When installing an under-mount sink, the counter-top fabricators need a template of the sink, so that they can cut an opening in the counter-top which is the correct size and shape for the new sink. This usually means that you need to have your sink purchased and in hand before your counter-tops are made.

I'm not sure if your kitchen remodeling plans included new counter-tops, but you may need them if you want to use an under-mount sink. If you have already chosen a sink, then I suggest you talk with some counter-top fabricators in the Chicago area to see what options are available to you. Good luck with your project!

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