Downsides to Prefabricated Bathroom Tub Liners

Answered by Brett ~ April 8, 2010 ~ Comments

I am considering having my mother's bathtub in the master bathroom covered with a prefabricated polymer lining and adding a door for easy access. What are the drawbacks, if any, to doing this? How will this change affect the value of her Sun City, Florida, home?

Joan H. ~ Sun City, Florida

Brett Kulina

While I understand that you want to create safe and easy access for your mother, there are several drawbacks to installing a prefabricated polymer liner to the existing bathtub. Prefabricated liners may not fit your tub well, causing uneven wear and tear to the liner. Also, water may eventually get between the liner and the bathtub causing mold and other cleaning problems.

I recommend consulting a professional contractor about replacing the tub with a newly built one that would have a door for easy barrier-free access and include safety features like grab bars and no-skid tub tiles. Not only would this look and function better that a prefabricated bathtub liner, it could add value to your Sun City home, as an aging population requires these elderly-friendly home features.

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