Double pane argon windows: what to do when windows are improperly installed

Answered by Brett ~ June 10, 2011 ~ Comments

I currently have Pella Impervia fiberglass, low e, double pane, argon gas filled windows in my home. I have discovered that the original installation was not done correctly, and I will need to have it re-done in order to meet code. If argon gas filled windows are installed improperly, what will be the effects of a reinstallation?

Tom ~ Apopka, FL

Brett Kulina

Tom, as long as the window seals that hold the panes of glass within the frame have not been compromised, the argon gas should still be well-sealed between the two panes of window glass. If you are unsure of the condition of the window seals, then you may want to invite a local Pella window rep to inspect the windows for you. Likewise, if the window installation does not comply with the local building codes in your area, then you need to have the contractor who installed the windows make the job right. Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to have the window salesperson, the window installer, and the building inspector all meet on site to evaluate each window and determine the best way to fix the problems.

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