Does painting doors while hanging yield poor results?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 2, 2011 ~ No Comments

We are replacing our interior doors with new solid core doors. We have had several people out but no one seems to be able to do it all (either carpenters can do plain carpentry and hang, but don't paint, or painting companies who don't do the carpentry). Everyone has said that painting should happen after the doors are hung. We are concerned that this will produce a streaky, drippy result and get paint on the hinges. Should we instead insist that someone remove the doors to paint, or paint before they are even hung in the first place? Also, our trim is painted with latex paint, but all have recommended oil-based paint for the doors. Can you provide thoughts on what to do for best results?

Bonnie ~ Chicago, Illinois

Brendan Fowler

This is my recommendation. Hang all the doors. Have a painter remove all the doors and paint them separately from the jambs. Consult with the painter who is going to do the painting to see what type of paint they would recommend for your application. I have had good luck with both oil and latex paints for interior doors. I generally use latex because it typically has shorter dry time and cleans up much easier. Because you have latex on the casings it may be advisable to go with latex on the doors to get a good color and sheen match, this is where the painter will be very helpful when they can see and advise you on your project. Good Luck!

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