Does a Pre-fab sunroom count for square footage in the house?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 31, 2010 ~ No Comments

When you build a prefab sunroom does it add to the over all square footage of the home?

Heather ~ Columbus, Ohio

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Heather, When I figure square footage I count conditioned living space as the primary figure. I then have unfinished conditioned space, such as unfinished basements, which while they might not be heated and cooled, they usually have ductwork that can make the space conditioned. The last figure I count is porches, covered decks, and garages, as these spaces are not considered habitable, except during certain times of the year.

I am not sure if you are asking for resell value, lending value, property tax reasons, or for another reason entirely. As a builder, I may figure square footage differently than a lender or a property appraiser. If you want a definitive answer in one of those areas, you might be better off contacting a Realtor or property appraiser around Columbus, Ohio it see how they arrive at square footage.

If you want it to count as finished square footage, I would think it should be sitting on a foundation or slab, be completely enclosed, have electricity to code, and a heat source that enables it to be used during a Columbus, Ohio winter. The whole room should also pass all required local inspections for living space.

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