Does a lifetime warranty cover products no longer being made?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 13, 2013 ~ No Comments

I have Rollex vinyl D4 sandstone siding with a lifetime warranty. A landscaper made several tears in it. They no longer make this product but are still in business. Do they still have a supply to cover the warranty?


Jeffrey Anderson

Gregg, many companies that offer lifetime warranties cover themselves by stating that they will replace the defective material with an equal or better product. That disclaimer keeps them from having to stockpile products that they no longer manufacture.

Lifetime warranties generally only cover defective materials so I doubt that tears done by a landscaper are going to be eligible for their program. However, it sounds like only a few panels are needed so even if you have to purchase them yourself, the cost shouldn't be too much.

Six years isn't a very long time, so ordinarily I would say that you should be able to find your vinyl siding at a distributor that has a small quantity stuck away in a back corner. The manufacturer may even be able to provide a list of distributors that might be the best places to call.

However, while you might try this route, finding the siding you need may prove to be a little more difficult. It would appear that Rollex no longer makes any kind of vinyl siding and is now just producing steel and aluminum products. If that's the case, distributors might be less likely to still have any of their vinyl products. Still, it might be worth a try.

If you can't find any of the Rollex vinyl siding, I would suggest removing as many pieces of siding that are needed to replace the damaged panels from an inconspicuous part of your condo. I would then try to find vinyl panels in a similar profile and size from another manufacturer to replace the siding that was removed.

Depending on how inconspicuous the area is, you may be able to get by with panels that are close, but not an exact match in color. However, if need be, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams make paint that is specifically designed for vinyl siding. They are probably not going to have a stock color to match your Rollex siding, but may be able to mix a custom shade.

They will need a piece of the siding to match the color so take one of the damaged panels when you visit the paint store. Then all you have to do is paint the replacement panels and there's a pretty good chance that no one will ever be able to see that a repair took place.

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