Does a cedar shake roof add value to your home?

Answered by Brett ~ January 30, 2012 ~ Comments

What type of roof would add more value to my house, a cedar shake roof or an asphalt shingle roof? Thanks in advance.

Pete ~ Denver, CO

Brett Kulina

Due to the typically higher costs of materials and installation, a cedar shake roof might add more value to your house than an asphalt shingled roof would. Although the price of some cedar shakes can be comparable to the premium brands of architectural grade asphalt shingles, in general you can expect a bundle of cedar shakes to cost more than a bundle of standard asphalt shingles. Cedar shake roofs can also cost more because they may require more installation time, more flashing, and a more-costly underlayment than a typical asphalt roof.

Although the increased value of a well-maintained shake roof might get noticed by a home appraiser, not all home buyers will value the increased cost an upgraded wood roof. If you are installing a new roof to increase the value of your home prior to listing it for sale, keep in mind that some home buyers may actually be turned off by the maintenance that wood roofs often require. Likewise, there are many forested areas of the country where a cedar shake roof poses a potential fire danger, which might also concern a future buyer of your home.

Before you decide which type of roof to install on your home, you should consider the architectural style of your home, the immediate environment around the structure, and your long term plans for selling the home. If you just want your home's new roof to stand apart from the expected aesthetic of a typical asphalt roof, then perhaps you should consider installing a standing-seam steel roof or one covered in synthetic shakes or composites tiles, all of which are long lasting, fire resistant, and mostly maintenance free roofing options.

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