Do I need an electrician to remove a temporary electric pole?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 18, 2010 ~ Comments

My builder left the temporary electric pole in my backyard. I have had meter removed by the electric company, but they said removal of the pole is my responsibility. There are wires running into the ground, so I think I need an electrician. None of the electricians I have contacted have contacted me back. Is this something that a regular electrician from the yellow pages can do?

Katie ~ Houston, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Katie, I can't say for sure how it it normally done in Texas, but I would think it is pretty much done the same everywhere. The power company is correct, they have done their part. I suggest contacting the electrical contractor who did the work in your home. If the builder didn't leave you a list of the major contractors who worked on your home, then you should be able to find their name on your electric panel, the one in your house. They normally leave the name of their company on the front of the panel, or on the inside of the door. Give them a call and ask them to remove it. I'm sure it was an oversight on their part, as they normally move those services from site to site as they need them, but it is not unusual for one to be forgotten.

If you don't get any action from the electrician, contact the builder. Overall the builder is responsible for having the temporary power pole removed, and he may have better luck in getting the electrician out there than you. Unless you had a special arrangement with the builder, where you were responsible for providing power to the site, I don't think you should be responsible for any costs involved in removing the pole. However, as a last resort any electrical contractor should be able to remove the pole.

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