Decorative Cinder Block Fences in Florence, South Carolina

Answered by Brett ~ December 18, 2010 ~ No Comments

I'd like to make a front yard patio that provides both privacy and security. I've seen very handsome painted decorative cinder block walls that alternate solid block panels with open block designs. What's the estimated labor cost for building a 6' high wall that would be 16' long on three sides off the dining room wall? The yard slopes very slightly.

Amanda ~ Florence, South Carolina

Brett Kulina

Amanda, it is difficult for me to offer you an accurate estimate for your project, because the specific site conditions of your property, which I have not seen, are going to effect how much a contractor charges you to build the wall. The size of wall that you want to build is going to require a continuous cement footing underneath it, which will most likely need to be excavated by machine. However, if the portion of your property where the wall is to be erected is sloped, or atop underground utility lines, or close to mature landscaping, then some of that digging may need to be completed by hand, which can increase the labor costs of your project.

You should consult a contractor who works in the Florence area, and ask him to inspect your property and estimate the costs to install the wall in your front yard. Keep in mind that this project could create a pretty big mess, so it is important that any work contract you sign include details about how the finished site will look when the project is complete and who is responsible for the final clean up and and needed landscape repair. Good luck with your project and I hope you enjoy your new fence.

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