Questions About Deck And Patio

How do you leakproof a new patio door?

My new patio door leaks. It has been sealed with silicone but it still leaks underneath. We put new laminate floors in and some of it has been ruined by water damage that we thought had been fixed. The contractor never put a sealer under the door when he installed it. Needless to say he isn't our contractor anymore but the damage has already been done.

Finding Pretty, Functional French Doors

Our patio doors are very prominent in our great room and I love the look of French doors. Because we live in Tallahassee, my kids are in and out all year long so I don't think French doors would be functional. How can I find functional doors that still look pretty?

How to Convert a Covered Patio Into a Sunroom

I have an existing covered patio, but my wife has decided she would prefer a sunroom. Are there any sunroom designs that would make it possible to incorporate the existing redwood patio cover into a sunroom? If not, how would I go about designing a conversion?

Sunroom Additions vs. Room Additions

I've recently decided that I want to add on a sunroom to the back of our home. It's a big project but I'd like to take it on myself to save costs. My biggest concern is meeting city code requirements. Is the process different for a sunroom than for standard additions?

How to Build a Sunroom

I want to build a sunroom off my family room for entertaining. How complicated is it to build a sunroom? Can I purchase a prefabricated sunroom that is easily assembled, or is it better to have the sunroom custom-designed to fit my home's architecture?

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