Questions About Deck And Patio

A Hot Tub for a Deck

We have an 8' x 10' deck off our second-story master bedroom in Greenville, South Carolina. It is braced with 2" x 8" supports. What's a rough cost, if it's even feasible, to strengthen the deck and add plumbing to accommodate a 2-person hot tub? Plumbing access (sink, toilet) from the bathroom is close by on the same exterior wall.

Enclosing Space Under Idaho Decks

Our Pocatello, Idaho, home slopes off quite a bit in back. We'd like to use that space to extend a deck from the living room and kitchen and build a small hobby shop with toilet and sink underneath it. I'm sure the plumbing problems can be solved, but what sort of roof is also good for decks? I don't want ongoing roof leaks from snow melt and rain.

Fences for Sound-Proofing

The back yard of our Waukesha, Wisconsin, home is near a very busy freeway. We can have a fence up to 6' high. Will any fencing material, at any cost, reduce the highway noise so we can enjoy the back yard more?

Installing Composite Deck over Cement

I just don't like the looks of our cement patio in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It seems uninviting. I'd really like to cover the patio with a composite decking material. The patio is a couple of broad, terraced stone steps down from the patio door, so I don't think the finished height is a problem. Are there any reasons not to cover the cement patios with composite decks?

Building Decks on Flat-roofed Rooms in Albuquerque

Our neighborhood trees now block our view of the mountains in our Albuquerque, New Mexico, home. Would building decks on the flat, rubberized coated roofs of the dining and living rooms create a roof-maintenance nightmare?

What materials are available for putting a vinyl sheet finish on deck floor?

What materials are available for putting a vinyl sheet finish on deck floor? I want to put a vinyl sheet finish on my deck 8ft x 8ft. Flooring is solid and waterproof just needs topcoat. Would like to do it myself as simply as possible. What are some materials that are available?

Covering My Back Porch

I'm sure this is easier than i am making it but I need some help. I am wanting to extend the roof to cover my back porch. The porch itself is roughly 30' x 12'. The part I am having trouble with is the L shape of the existing roof over the house. Need some help with deciding what would be the most structurally sound way to go about it. What are some of the things commonly overlooked by DIY-ers?

Finding Irrigation Lines

As the third owners of our Spokane, Washington, home, we're planning to expand our back yard patio into the lawn area. How do we locate the irrigation lines that run through the proposed patio without trenching up the whole yard?

Cost of Adding Small Decks to Upstairs Bedrooms

Our two upstairs bedrooms in our wood frame home in Flagstaff, Arizona, face into the forest. We'd like to replace the 6' windows with vinyl sliding doors and add redwood or Trex decks about 4' x 8' each, with a simple railing, braced supports, and no roof. Can you give us ballpark figures for the cost?

What concrete "mix" should I be expecting my patio contractor to use?

We're looking to get a poured concrete patio and our neighbors have warned us to make sure the contractor is using a "good mix", but I don't know what constitutes a "good" mix and I am not sure what I should be asking the contractor.

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