Questions About Deck And Patio

Which brand of composite wood decking should I use?

I want to replace a small wood deck (18'-10') and build the new deck out of composite wood decking. What brand do you recommend? Do you have any tips for a DIY installer?

What type of contractor do I need to replace a balcony support post that is damaged?

One of the support posts under my home's walkout balcony is damaged and needs to be replaced. What type of contractor should I call to do the work for me?

Does a new deck need to be built on concrete footings?

I want to add a deck onto my house. Is it okay to use pressure treated wood that sits on compacted dirt and stones, or do I need to install concrete footings or piers?

How much does it cost to build a small brick patio?

I want to add a brick patio directly outside of my home's sliding glass door. The ground is flat (covered in grass) and I have easy access for a dump truck and excavator. What do you think a 500 sq.ft. patio like this might cost?

How can I waterproof my porch to prevent rain water from flooding the basement?

My home's unheated basement gets wet from rainwater, which soaks in from the above porch. The existing floor of the porch is made from 1x4 tongue and groove boards. How can I waterproof the floor of the porch so that water does not leak into the underlying basement?

Composite wood deck vs. concrete patio

We have a backyard that collects water from surrounding yards and slopes very gently down toward our slab foundation. The grass is constantly wet and we realize the need for French drains to help alleviate this issue. There is also a step down from our house into the backyard - something that always annoys me. My husband and I can not decide whether to install a patio of concrete pavers or a composite wood deck directly off the sliding door to the yard. Any ideas?

How do I level a sloped concrete floor?

We have converted our home's exterior patio into an enclosed porch with walls. There is a slope to the concrete floor, which I would like to level prior to framing the interior walls and installing the trim and floor covering. What is the best way to level a sloping concrete floor?

The fence post split, and so did the contractor

The contractor who installed my shadowbox fence used some fence posts that were split and in bad shape. The job looks shabby and the contractor is unwilling to do anything about it, what are my options?

Installing Trex decking on exposed wood joists

I am refinishing a deck with Trex decking and am concerned about how to protect the deck joists from exposure. Also what is the best way to attach the decking to the joist?

How Do I Create Proper Drainage for a Concrete Patio?

I am not sure what a water snake is, but it sounds interesting. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for a slab of concrete that doesn't drain properly. You could try cutting a drain into the patio where the water is pooling, but by the time you cut the slab

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