Damp Basement... No Renovation?

Answered by Brendan ~ December 6, 2009 ~ Comments

I really want to finish our basement, but I've noticed that it can be really wet and damp sometimes. How can I know whether that will be a problem if we take on a basement renovation?

Joey P. ~ Chicago, Illinois

Brendan Fowler

Successful Basement RenovationWet and damp are red flag words when it comes to basement renovation. The key here is to know how much water, where is the water, and when is the water a problem.

Mitigating water issues can be as simple as painting walls and floors with a concrete sealer, and can be as complicated as digging French drains around an entire house with an electric pump system to mechanically remove water from below grade. Many times water is seasonal, so special attention should be paid during wet months to know the extent or even the location of a water problem.

This is not an issue that you want to guess or take a chance with. It is always a good idea to get a professional opinion on this issue from someone who specializes in basement repair and renovation. Even if there is a consulting fee involved it will be money well spent.

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