Creating Room Additions Over Bangor Garage

Answered by Brett ~ September 27, 2010 ~ Comments

Our Bangor, Maine, home is a typical two-story saltbox with an attached one-story 22' x 22' garage. We'd like to extend the second floor out over the garage as a recreation area with an 8' x 16' hobby room. We have an asphalt shingle roof. The house is older, so framing is 2" x 4". Heating is by a fairly new boiler system. What type of heating do you recommend, and what's a ballpark price per square foot for these room additions?

Paula ~ Bangor, Maine

Brett Kulina

Hello Paula and thanks for the question. If you are going to add a hobby room above your attached garage, then it would be ideal if you could heat the new space with an additional zone of baseboard heat, which would be supplied with hot water from your current boiler. You will have to consult an HVAC contractor to inspect your existing boiler system and determine whether or not it has enough capacity to supply the additional zone of heat. If it does, then you will not need to purchase a separate heat source for the garage addition, and because the room will have its own thermostat and heat zone, you will have the convenient ability to heat the new space only when it is being used.

In order to accurately estimate the cost of your addition, you will need to decide if the hobby room will have a bathroom or kitchenette, as these improvements would require extending plumbing and sewer lines to the new space. Also, you need to determine if the existing roof on the garage will need to be dismantled and rebuilt to accommodate the needed headroom in the addition. If the current roof has a steep enough pitch and enough existing attic space to accommodate the needs of the hobby room, then you can probably save yourself a significant amount of money, because you may not need to tear off the old roof.

I suggest that you consult a contractor who works in the Bangor area, and price out some specific construction details for the new room. In general, these types of additions can be completed for under $100 a square foot, because the site work and concrete foundation are already in place. Just keep in mind that the floor finishes, windows, and wall coverings you choose will effect the overall price of your remodel. Good luck and enjoy the new room.

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