Cracked Kitchen Flooring

Answered by Brett ~ October 26, 2010 ~ No Comments

I cropped a big cast iron Dutch oven on my kitchen floor and cracked and chipped a ceramic tile. I can't find a similar tile. What do you suggest as a repair?

Carine T. ~ Arlington, Virginia

Brett Kulina

Carine, this is a problem, and one I try to avoid by always having a few extra tiles available. I suggest that you go to the biggest tile showroom in your area and ask a salesperson to help identify the tile style and manufacturer. Hopefully, a matching tile can be found to replace the one that broke. If the style of tile is discontinued and there are no suitable replacements available, then you are going to have to get creative.

One option would be to install a hand made, one-of-a-kind tile that stands apart from all the rest. I'm sure this would lead your guests to ask about the uniqueness of the lone tile, which would then allow you to tell the story of the dropped dutch oven and broken tile. If the look of a single unique tile doesn't suit you or your kitchen floor, then you may have to replace several tiles to create an acceptable pattern. Removing floor tiles is not that difficult, but the job can get messy, and you may be better off by hiring a professional tile setter to do the work for you. Good luck with it, and I hope you can locate a replacement tile!

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