Questions About Countertops

What thickness of plywood is best for a tile countertop?

I am planning on replacing the tile on the countertop in my kitchen. Whoever did the counter before used 1/2" thick plywood, 1" thick particle board, and a layer of some type of fiberglass sheet over the plywood and particle board layers. I was hoping to rip all the fiberglass and particle board off and add 1/2" thick backer board to the 1/2" thick plywood. A few places have said 3/4" plywood is best. Should I add another 1/4" sheet of plywood?

Leah -- Boston, Ma

How can I refurbish wood countertop trim?

I have granite tile countertops with wood trim…...the wood trim is looking worn and I am wanting to refurbish it. Can you tell me how to do this?

How much does it cost to add a sink in a bathroom?

What might it cost to add a double sink vanity to a bathroom? Currently there is a small vanity with a single sink in the bathroom?

How can I install my kitchen faucet if the holes in the countertop were drilled too big?

The holes in my new granite counter tops were drilled to big for the faucet plumbing. Now the faucet will not sit firm because the nut on the underside of the counter is not big enough for the over-sized holes. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

What should I use to finish and protect a wood kitchen table?

We bought a new wood table for our kitchen, which will get a lot of use. It is just raw wood so I want to protect it with something, but I don't want to paint it. What do you suggest?

Do Granite Countertops on a Bathroom Vanity Also Need a Backsplash?

I am remodeling my bathroom and am installing a vanity with granite countertops. I am trying to decide if I need to add a granite backsplash too. Do bathroom vanity granite countertops need a backsplash?

Any advice or opinions as to what is causing countertop separating from drywall?

My kitchen countertop (with intregal backsplash) has progressively separated from the drywall. We think it is from the drywall swelling during the winter from (what we suspect) is a lack of moisture barrier as this wall it also an exterior wall. This also happens with our master bathroom counter top. It too has an intregal backsplash pulling away from the drywall which swells during the winter, and is an exterior wall.

What cleaner and restorer can I use on my Corian countertop?

What cleaner and restorer can I use on my Corian countertop? What are your recommendations? Thank you.

Countertop Choice for Kitchen Remodeling

For kitchen remodeling in our Rome, New York, townhome we're going for a contemporary look. I'd like granite countertops. My wife says if you can't actually cut food on granite, why not save money and get granite-looking laminate countertops and use cutting boards on them. Percentage-wise, how much more expensive is granite?

What are the negatives on installing new countertops over old ones?

I have tile countertops now they are very old and chipped in places. I want to install new countertops over it. Are there negatives to installing new countertops over old ones?

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