Costs of Kitchen Lighting for Remodeling Project

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My kitchen has a set of 6' long parallel track lights--the kind with exposed tracks and swivel tube-style lamps. Where they're placed is fine, but I'd prefer less obtrusive amiable recessed lights. What budget range should I plan for the drywall, painting, and electrical work involved?

Randall ~ San Francisco, California

Brendan Fowler

A budget is tough to provide without knowing more details. How many recessed lights do you plan to install? Is there living space above the kitchen? What is the ceiling joist depth and orientation? Is it a sloped ceiling? What kind of recessed lights do you plan on using? Incandescent, fluorescent, dimmable florescent, LED, Low voltage, low voltage with attached transformer, 6" cans, 4" cans, 3" cans? Depending on how you answer these questions you could easily add 4X to your budget. Let say that you have an easily accessible attic with a flat ceiling above the kitchen and you are going to use 6 incandescent remodel cans, the job could cost as little as $400. If you want 10 fluorescent cans with dimmable ballasts on a steep sloped ceiling with no attic access, you are going to spend close to a $1000 on lights, trim, dimmer, and bulbs, not including any installation labor. A job like this will have a very wide budget range as well as a wide range of lighting options. You will need to do some research on what it is you want, in order to get a more realistic range for your budget.

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